Connecting Artisan to Phidget outputs

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Hello, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to using Artisan and Phidgets. I'm trying to do a bit of an application with Artisan and Phidgets that will carry over from roasting coffee through to a more scaled up version on a grain kiln (for kilning malt) and roasting malt and oak in a large roasting drum. The goal is to automate the processes for operating

So far, what we have done is gotten the VINT HUB5000 (physically) connected to the OUTPUT phidget OUT1100 where we want a fan connected to channel 3, and a relay heater connected to channel 0. We want to be able to activate/toggle this with buttons on the Artisan software that activates/toggles the digital outputs duty cycle in the Phidget control panel that changes it from 0 to 1. - Below is the picture of my attempt of trying this.

If you have any questions or need any more information, then please ask. Additionally, if we get this working through Artisan and Phidgets, then I would be more than happy to provide a review on how this performs with different applications outside of coffee roasting.

All help and troubleshooting is appreciated,

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Only one app can connect to the Phidgets driver (if not connecting to its networking server). The Phidget Control Panel is one such app that connects to the Phidget driver. Thus while the Phidget Control Panel is open, Artisan cannot connect to the Phidgets driver.

rafaelaragon (original poster)

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Okay, other than that. Does everything else seem good in regard to the set up that I have described and shown?

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Well, you did not describe what your issue is.

To access a networked Phidget from within Artisan you need to set the tick under Network in the Phidgets tab (menu Config >> Devices, 4th tab).

You can drop the last two arguments from your set command (serial number and hub port) if you have only one IO Phidget module connected.

Consider posting your questions on the dedicated Artisan discussion forum instead of a general roasting forum.