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#1: Post by chriscpad »

Hello All

I am seeking some assistance in setting up a Delta DTA controller to send data to Artisan. I have just bought a Delta DTA and an IFD6500, RS485 to USB converter, running from my roaster to Artisan 0.9.2 in Windows 8. After varying settings I continually get a BT of -1, loss of communication? Just wondering if someone can cast some ideas?

Artisan 0.9.2, 1 off type K thermocouple into Delta DTA -temperatures read all OK.
Then install drivers and connect the converter, in Artisan I just get BT of -1.
Delta DTA controller is a model C1 - Communications are via RS-485

With thanks in advance,


#2: Post by 9Sbeans »

Delta DTA has been supported in Artisan since v0.5.2. The BT of -1 error should be configuration issue. What's your DTA model number?

The Delta DTB (4824?) PID controller in my roaster is connected to my Win7 laptop via Bluetooth and it works like a charm. Delta DTB is recognized as PID controller in Artisan. DTA may need to be configured as MODBUS RTU mode.

Here are some links: ... fz-94.html ... ual_en.pdf ... ction.html

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#3: Post by SAS »

I had to do a factory reset of Artisan after a -1 reading was displayed when choosing a different device. Then temperatures were displayed correctly after it was configured for the new device.

I not making this suggestion specifically for your Delta DTA. It may or may not work; just try it!
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#4: Post by 9Sbeans » ... Manual.pdf
In the above manual, Page 7, Communication Parameters List
DTA should support 2,400, 4,800, 9,600, 19,200, 38,400bps transmission speed.

Here are some of my screen shots.
I use PID, you may try toggling on/off the Modbus port.

Make sure you have comm port correctly configured.
(Mine is Bluetooth; yours should be USB, double check if driver is correctly installed)
Baud rate: 9600 (should work up to 38400)

If toggling on the Modbus port, it should be configured here (but I'm not certain the parameters here).

chriscpad (original poster)

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Hi All

Thanks for the help so far - - -

The model number is DTA4848C1 - apparently this means 48 x 48 face plate and C1 is Communication as RS485. There is another number (Serial No? DTA44C10T4170012
9Sbeans - thanks, you mention your output is Modbus RTU - I need to confirm mine - thinking it might be Modbus ASCII. This output is from the IFD6500 converter, USB out.

I am not using PID so will keep that toggled off but will try on or off for the Modbus port. I have baud of 9600.
What is the "Stop bits"? I think in the DTA it was set to 2 but in Artisan I have it at 1. I will try lining this up and do a test.

Thanks for the ideas, I will try again - Reset Artisan first as SAS suggested then make the settings again.


chriscpad (original poster)

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Still no luck after changing settings, can you please have a look at these screenshots - all seems OK however in the Serial port config I notice my values are different, I am about to change these.

Front page ...

Device is set correctly ...

and Serial port config


#7: Post by chilltrout »

So does anybody know what the DTA is capable of when hooked up to Artisan?
Can artisan actually control the PID/Send the DTA values or is it essentially just pulling the temp data from it?
Im looking at doing a gas setup and the voltage/current + modbus units are a good price

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#8: Post by MaKoMo » replying to chilltrout »

Artisan can write any MODBUS command to a connected MODBUS device such as the DTA. Those commands can be triggered by now from custom-defined buttons or sliders (which can be triggered by alarms based on actual time and readings).

The next version of Artisan can also send (temperature) readings back to a device connected via MODBUS on each sample interval. This is useful to adjust the set value (SV) of a connected PID based on a value from a background profile for automatic re-roasting a successful roast. It will also feature a software PID and some other bells that play nicely with connected MODBUS devices (and others).

chriscpad (original poster)

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Well I didnt manage to get the DTA unit going so placed it in the corner for a while and had a look at Yocto Thermocouple on the net. Ended up ordering one plus an enclosure. What a neat little setup. If you buy one then highly recommend the enclosure.
So simple - I plugged it in, selected Yocto as the Artisan input, no Config/Serial port settings to make - it just goes. Am so happy now.

@MaKoMo - you have set up Artisan really well with Yocto, many thanks
Yocto guys - fantastic



#10: Post by chilltrout »

hmmmm after thinking about this how sure are you that the usb to serial chip is any good

There are lots of fake FTDI's out there and i have had countless issues with cp210x chips
just a thought