Colombia El Alquimista Red Honey Pink Bourbon

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#1: Post by GC7 »

I have been a fan of the Pink Bourbon varietal of Colombian coffees, preferring them generally to geisha or other floral coffees. I recently purchased some Colombia El Alquimista Red Honey Pink Bourbon from Captains Coffee. I had read about this one on the Royal site and got my interest since I had only tried washed varieties of Pink Bourbon.

The coffee roasts very much like washed Colombian Pink Bourbons. They seem to have a bit more moisture and subsequent loss during the roast. I prefer to tone down the acidity and bump the natural sweetness of the coffee by going a bit longer and a bit darker to city+. Here is my first try.

After 4 days of rest it is already notable. I've only sampled it as a SO espresso so far. The initial flavors are intense but mild acidity followed by a raspberry compote sweetness and finishing with honey and light chocolate. It has the clean creamy mouthfeel and sweetness of a washed Pink Bourbon but the raspberry intensity associated with honey or natural coffees. It's quite good. I look forward to it aging and to brewed drinks.


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Agree with the above post. Did a quick 150g freshroast batch of the pound I bought, ended up a touch darker than I would've expected based solely on the drop temp and development time, with a little more weight loss, but is incredibly candy sweet.

I've tried a couple other coffees from Edwin Norena/Campo Hermoso roasted (gold-washed from Vibrant, Mossto juice from Backyard) that were both anaerobic/weird processes, and this has a very similar flavor without being quite as in-your-face intense-fruit-funk as those and without the distinctive IPA hop flavors the gold-washed had.

There's a certain sweet limey tropical fruit flavor that this and both of those have in common that I can't help but think of as Sprite, even though that's not quite right.

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olutheros wrote: Did a quick 150g freshroast batch of the pound I bought, ended up a touch darker than I would've expected based solely on the drop temp and development time,
From my experience, honey and natural coffees have more sugar content and caramelize faster than washed coffees. Panama Elida is notorious for this. For the same roast plan and profile, it will be 3-4 points darker on the Agtron gourmet scale. It was hard to learn to force myself to drop it earlier, but I've learned you almost can't underdevelop this coffee.


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agreed, I just meant even moreso than I expected from my past experience with honeys/naturals. it was still intended to be light enough that it was not an issue, luckily

on a more positive note, it didn't have any earthiness or boozy funk, which is very nice. the previous coffees I've had from him were all pushing the envelope in terms of experimental processing, to the point that they were a little much for me, this one's more restrained but still shows a lot of the distinctive character in a good way