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Randy G. wrote:As a firefighter I dealt with two or three flue fires, one of which destroyed a home. Yes, it was an old pipe, but still...
I just remembered this ad.

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Just don't be stupid and burn the house down.

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It's important to make a fire proof installation. Yes, the vent pipe doesn't get very hot under normal circumstances, BUT most accidents occur as a result of a few improbable events happening at once. Maybe a once-in-10-years coincidence?
Go conservative and be ready for a chaff fire when it happens. Imagine "I thought I vacuumed that vent...!"
OK, enough lecturing...

US code requires stainless steel B1 vent for gas venting. Single walled can be safely used if spacing codes to combustibles - like wood - are observed.
I see you are 'down under' so you can't easily order from this great US company but you can download their gas vent installation recommendations and learn a lot. ... -4936000-p

Please see the (4) manuals showing the installation specs for their product.
I used single walled and have a generous spacer keeping the vent pipe away from all wood.
If you aren't licensed to do gas venting hire a competent contractor.