Bullet Roast Along-Brazil: Lagender or etc

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We're starting a new roast along thread here for a Brazil. Several here are trying to get the kinks worked out of our Bullets so that is our primary focus. NOBODY is excluded though and all are more than welcome. We are trying to focus on a fairly soft Brazil natural so notes about roasting coffees from other regions should probably be put elsewhere. Maybe that could be the start of a new roast along!

I've got part of a sack of a Brazil Rio Ocho if anyone wants some at $4/lb in 5 or 10 lb increments plus shipping. Several are buying the Lagender from Roastmaster. They're pretty similar in profile and features: mill lots, elevation, profiles, processing. Neither is a mind-blower but both useful in their own right.

Game on!

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In my experience with Brazil Naturals go real easy on the heat both in charge temp and first heat application. I bought a 65lb box and never figured it out but, I was very stubborn a year ago.

I'm game and I'll take 5lb off your hands.

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I picked up a 26 lb bag of Daterra Blossom from Theta. It should be here within a week.

If anyone is shopping for Legender and would want to do a 3-5 lb swap for Legender later in the month, PM me. we could swap roasted sample of the green we swap.
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I'd be game to join this and buy 5lb but I'm Canada? Any love if I cover shipping? :)
- Jean

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Check your PM.

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Baack on track:

Here's the first roast for this thread. It's not very good in the cup and I do not recommend following it. A little sweet, a hint of undiscernable natural fruit, no nuance.

14C temp change during 1C is 57F (YIKES)-much higher than normal. The cup is clearly near 2C.


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My Lagender just arrived and I managed to push out a few roasts to get a feeling for it. Tte beans seem pretty low in moisture as FC is very weak and I usually roast with plenty of momentum so it surprised me a little.

The batches were all 454g and dropped at similar temps (206 on the I-temp) but I went from a longer roast 12min, shorter at 10min and then higher temp settings to get a ~8min roast . This seemed like a great bean so I want to push it as light as I could without it tasting like grass.

I will report back in 5 days with the profiles and how each tasted

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Thanks. Roasted up a batch on 1/12-posted below. Was running out of beans so got into it. It looks like a decent roast with FC @ 204C dropping at 212C. Crack is super soft and hard to hear so I took it too long (2:30 development). Again, no good. Flat, no sweetness, no flavor, smokey. After some review of recent postings at SM regarding bean doneness I ended up at FC+ according to them. Mostly user error here but some machine thing too.

Wondering if I'm getting scorching/tipping. Beans start turning yellow a lot earlier than in the Huky. I use the triers on each and its unequivocal. Also, I also have a ton of early chaff in the Bullet and virtually none in the Huky time equivalent. Next batch(s) will have a slower heat ramp and more fan. Will also cook up a Huky batch or 2.


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Do you have an older machine ? Or older software as I don't see the I-bean temp value. Also I can see you ROR curve values . It's usually on the right hand side of the graph.

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Roaster new-arrived 12/19 from SM's.

I have to be on the roasting computer to get it to show I-bean temps: they don't show in RW AFAIK.

The right grid showing ROR is at 15 minutes. Any way to shorten that?