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#41: Post by mkane »

Looking at these beans under magnification there are signs of tipping.

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#42: Post by mkane »

Having a 3rd cup of my 4th stab at these beans and overall, it tastes the best. Not ashy, a light walnut with some sweetness thrown in.

This was the 4th attempt of my 3 lbs. Low charge temp, 55% gas, steady air. Naturals are a tough roast on our machine. When I visit another, I'll attack them with a different mindset. Out little Buckeye has a thick steel faceplate, and the sheet metal surround seems robust. Its 10kbtu burners produce lots of heat. I could probably roast a 100g load with no flame at all, IOW it retains lots of energy.

pcofftenyo (original poster)
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#43: Post by pcofftenyo (original poster) »

Have had trouble with my RT logging sofware so nothing to show.

Some of the roasts done are still tasting a bit scorched/burnt.

Based on Mikes comments I'll probably try something with a lower charge and early heat temp for a flatter ror but still declining. The Crown Jewel roaster is approaching Bullet roasts in this manner so maybe that's a thing.

Also, I have TONS of chaff in the beans at drop. Will have to use more fan to evacuate as I think this is a problem too.

This machine and bean are both wholly new


#44: Post by hercdeisel »

Ordered 10 pounds of the Lagender from Roastmasters...roasted my first test pound yesterday:

link: https://roast.world/@hercdeisel/roasts/ ... He502Z9xP9


I used my more or less default profile for 1lb roasts but started it a bit slower in the beginning, only going to P6 at 0 ROR and then P7 a minute later instead of going straight to P7. FC was around 200c, fan goes to 3 at yellowing and then i drop the power 1 level every minute after yellowing. i did a 20sec dip down to 1 power at 190c and then left the power at 4 to carry through FC until about 12% Dev Time and I start dropping to avoid a flick at the end. Dropped it when the RoR got down close to zero. Lightish medium roast in the end.

Roasted yesterday evening and had a taste late morning. Great vanilla and nut flavor. The vanilla really caught me off guard Some of this is probably low expectations given the reputation of Brazilian beans compared to other American countries but Excited to work with this in larger batch sizes. I've been finding that I like the roasts more at the 750g level with the Bullet. The flavors from my bigger batches just seem to have more pop to them.

Excited to drink and blend this bean...


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That's a great looking roast !

I am surprised with how much I am liking this Brazil. It's been a few yrs since I roasted one and I'm wondering why I waited so long :roll:

Currently I'm mixing my med Brazil (batch 1 from a few posts back) with a very light Colombian for my espresso blend. The Colombian alone was too sharp (I dropped the batch way to early ) so the Brazil adds that body/chocolate it was missing.

I'm glad I still have 10lbs of both around to perfect them

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Your Lagender looks to behave very well in the roaster Matt. Mine keeps running away at the ends of the roast, appx 180C then again right before 1C-even with heat dips.

I think someone else here has been using that bean for years and really likes it. I can see why.