Building a coffee roaster - Basic questions

Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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qqHi guys,

I want to make a gas-powered coffee roaster, where I can roast about 250-300 gr, drum and exhaust speeds can be adjusted. I've never had any production experience and I'm a barista working in a cafe so I've been progressing by learning from the very basics about design and engineering, homeroasters and reading on this forum. If you ask why do you want to do such a thing even though you do not have the qualifications, it is very expensive to buy a machine and get coffee roasting training in the Turkish economy, I try to cost them as cheaply as possible. Now I want to talk about the points that confuse me, hoping that some of you who have experience or good ideas on this subject can guide me.

My drum will have a diameter of 16 cm and a height of 18 cm. I'm thinking of making my drum out of mild steel.

Do you think mild steel will cause me problems with corrosion and food contact?

How thick should the drum be?

Vanes in the drum

How should the vanes be? What exactly is the job of the vanes and how should mine be? It's really a problem that keeps me awake at night. I think this is very important for good roasting. Throw me whatever you have drawings, ideas, samples, formules.

I will use the burner in the photo I added, but I have no idea how many btu it is, how can I calculate it?

How is the ideal distance between the drum and the burner decided?

I am considering making my outer case square for easy bending and I plan to laser cut as many of the required parts as possible from 2 mm sheet metal. Any comments on this?

What do you think about insulation? On the one hand, it seems unnecessary for such a small and simple machine, on the other hand, does it mean some energy savings and stable heat?

I have a lot to learn, please enlighten me.

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If you have the tools and skill, sure. Try this site for tips.

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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^That place is all about Turbo oven builds