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I have not seen much discussion of the BocaBoca roasters, and am curious if anyone has tried to put thermocouples into the chamber.

I know a challenge is that the drum/chamber rotates, but I believe there are other drums that people have wired thermocouples into, e.g., the Behmor -- see here Perhaps a very small hole drilled through the axle? Or, run the thermocouple to the axle, then out of the roaster, in hopes of avoiding the wire getting wrapped around?

I wasn't planning on making a new thread about this, but another thread on the BocaBoca is locked due to being over a year old -- Thoughts on BOCABOCA 250?

I'm also curious where people bought theirs from. I'm never sure where to get the best prices for the roasters like this that are only sold indirectly in the U.S. I believe they can be purchased via gmart and shipped to the U.S., or on eBay. The retailer does sell them directly, but it's not clear to me that they ship to the US, and their site is korean.
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This guy has a probe just on the glass.

My idea would be to drill a hole on the line of the axle:

I'm not sure how feasible this is. Can anyone provide more insight? Got the idea from this probe, inside Behmor chamber:
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