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Hi everyone ! New member here !

I have been roasting with boca boca 250 for the past 2 years
It's been good to me albeit a bit small and cumbersome when roasting more than 200 gram batches. The roasts have gradually gotten better with it but sometimes I feel a bit uneven. I have been looking into the cm600 cormorant roaster. Anyone here have it? Do you love it ? Will it be a worthy upgrade / noticeable difference in bean roast quality ?

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I have the Cormorant. It's a solid product with more capability than my skills allow me to employ (so far). Recommended.

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Cool. I've been trying to find some user input on the cormorant. Some user videos and variable instruction

How has it worked for you? On the boca boca i almost inevitably am left with some grassy combustion notes from
Chaff being locked in with the beans during roast. I almost always have to pull at exactly 200c if I go any darker it will usually turn too carbony and oily.

Excited to work with the phidget system installed on it to record my variables

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A search will pull up threads on the Cormorant here & there is also a Facebook Cormorant group. Very happy with mine.

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I am happy with mine as well. I have only seen positive reviews here.

Any questions that you have that can't be answered with a site search here...just ask. Plenty of owners here that can help.
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I've had a Cormorant since late 2018. It's a great roaster that's easy to roast with. I have one of those stories where I shared the coffee with a few friends and they asked me to start roasting for them. I roasted 454g on it consistently because it nets around 345g of roasted coffee (12 oz) which I would bag and sell.

I have outgrown the Cormorant and bought a larger roaster last summer. I'll probably sell it soon but have mixed emotions about that.