Bideli 600g coffee roaster roast profile

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Hi been new to roasting a bideli 600g roaster, trying to figure out my gas approach & airflow. Using an artisan software to help me guide through the events of the roast.

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Randy G.

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Do a roast leaving gas flow steady and use airflow to control temperature. Then do a roast using only gas flow adjustment to control the roast. This will give you an excellent idea how to use the roaster. Are you using Artisan to monitor the roast process?
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Lokalbrew (original poster)

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Hi randy thank you for the reply yes im currently using an artisan software. Tried air & gas, more comfortable with the gas adjustment for now. Trying to find the best gas approach been doing high fire turning point, 80% dry end, 60% at browning then slowly decrease after first crack with consistent airflow 2 setting throughout the roast open at 8 at crack. Having an issue with baked roast.

Lokalbrew (original poster)

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Using a 500g load washed process coffee would love to profile it for espresso

drop temp

Any advice would be great