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#1: Post by Chuckie »

Can someone post some roast timings and possible temps (P1 thru P5) for "successful" decaf?

The biggest mistake everyone makes is roasting it like normal coffee, which it's not. The cellulose is compromised. The question then is what cadence of lower temps over time is needed to turn out a decent decaf on a Behmor?

Thank you so much.

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What I would do with Decaf is roast a full pound instead of 300 - 350 grams and that seemed to even things out. I don't remember making any other profile changes, though.

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#3: Post by beanman »

I roasted on a Behmor for about 12 years, running regular and decaf.
For decaf --
On the original control panel, I used 13 oz beans, the 1 lb setting, and P3
I don't remember what I used when I upgraded the newer control panel.

Suggest you select one bean, qty, and weight setting, and try different profiles to see what you like best.


#4: Post by Pressino »

On my 1600+ I roast 12oz at the 1lb P3 D setting to start, then when in manual mode I press P5 (100% heat) and then let it go through 1st crack and about 15-20sec into 2nd crack, then hit Cool. I like vienna level roast for espresso. Times will vary depending on your beans, but with decaf I've found that 1st crack tends to be long and 2nd comes on after a longer delay than for non-decaf beans. :D