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#1: Post by movnmik »

Just went to the below link and they have a Feb 2022 update and a link to a PDF for beta testers. Would anyone know if this is getting close to be produced. Any other information that can be shared? I see that testers would be required to sign a NDA but would love to get more info as I believe this will be my next roaster when my Behmor 2000AB dies.


#2: Post by tompoland »

I'm sure it will be a great roaster but there will still be quite a wait.

Assuming the beta units are shipped early May, then it's the middle of the year before feedback is in, reviewed and decisions made. Safety certs will take until September/October most likely (90 to 120 days) and during that time they need to finalise tooling.

On that basis I would estimate units for sale sometime in November or December.

That said, it's probably worth waiting for, even if delivery is Q1 2023.
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#3: Post by ira »

Unless you have direct info from the man, it's going on 3 years late so I would not be holding my breath.