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I need to replace this part and have been tracking their website for at least six months (and sent numerous emails to inquire), but not available. Anyone have a source, or alternative to fix?
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This site has them. I'm not familiar with the company, but they are overseas: ... fterburner

The afterburner is pretty simple, and unless the frame itself is broken ought not be too difficult to repair if you can find the correct sized resistance wire springs.

What part of it failed?

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Usually it breaks right where the element connects under the screw, in that case, just shorten it about 1/4" and reattach it.

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Took apart. Afterburner crumbled so need new one. If only I lived in Switzerland...
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#5: Post by guiny »

I've been using my behmor without an afterburner since the second one burned out as well. I haven't noticed any difference.


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@guiny, you don't see any difference in your roasts without the afterburner, not even timing? My voltage is a bit low and my B temps drop quite a bit when the afterburner kicks on so I've been wondering if disconnecting it might help - it sounds like maybe not?? I roast in my garage so smoke isn't an issue for me.


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I meant no difference as the smoke is concerned. I roast under a kitchen hood. As far as timing is concerned, I use a thermocouple in the bean mass (more or less) and I think I started using that after the afterburner broke. I did notice when the afterburner broke that the temperature measured by the machine changed a lot. I always assumed that that was due to the afterburner affecting the measurement and not that the heating element was working differently.


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Ah, gotcha. Thanks for clarifying for me. I also assume that the airflow must impact the measurement. Since my voltage is a bit on the low side though, I'm wondering if that fully accounts for the drop or if the additional load from the afterburner is also reducing the heating element power.

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I roast under my hood as well. But I noticed much more smoke recently.
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The afterburner does add heat to the roast so you'd want to adjust your profile if you weren't using it anymore.

Try and avoid extension cords and find a good outlet if you have low voltage. I use the washer/dryer outlet here and have a Variac to boost the voltage to my Behmor and now my Bullet.

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