Bean Funnel for Quest Roaster

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Now that I've more or less completed the PID project for my Quest M3, it's time to start roasting!!!!

One thing I found out was that it is a bit cumbersome to load the beans into the small bean chute, so my search for a bean funnel began.

I decided that I had three alternatives:

1) Download and 3D print one of the nice designs available on the internet
2) Design and machine my own custom bean funnel. I have a CNC mill and CNC lathe in my garage :wink:
3) Find something readily available and modify as needed to work. I have a mig welder and lots of cool tools to do that 8)

Turns out, I found something that not only works, but doesn't need any modification. I give you...

********THE QUEST M3 BEAN FUNNEL********

A Very Heavy gauge 317 Stainless Steel Sanitary Welding Eccentric Reducer!!! I bought a 3" X 1-1/2" and it fits perfectly. It blocks the horizontal air passage so beans don't go that way when you dump them in. It has a beautiful brushed outside and polished inside finish. And it's sturdy!!! It will easily outlast the Roaster. The eccentric shape fits well into the chute. The straight side butts up perfectly against the open flap. I also purchased a concentric funnel, just to see, but the eccentric is definitely the way to go.

So there's my little contribution to this incredible website. It's been so a treasure trove of info for me and I'm glad I could share something :D

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Take your pick of a Sink Bell Flange

Add a Tail Piece.
Buy the diameter for bathroom sinks.

Crazy glue the tail piece into the bell fange. You may have to file out the bell flange's hole to fit.
If needed, cut the tail piece to desired length.
These pieces are easily available at Loew's et al.

This is the only photo of the funnel that I still have from when I had my Quest.
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