Bean cooler to air flow mod for Kaldi Wide?

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Anyone know if one of those $70 Amazon bean coolers would hold up to the heat of pulling the heat of a Kaldi wide 300 through it? Seems like if it would, a variable speed power control and some mods would work similar to the Kaldi bean cooler. Thanks

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Years ago I did that with my Kaldi. I purchased the bean cooler from ebay. Looks like same ones are for sale on Amazon. Mine has the circle vents on the bottom. Fan in the cooler is DC electric so I got a regulated DC power adapter with adjustable voltage 3-12v.

It was a Frankenstein setup but it worked. I've since upgraded to a Cormorant roaster.
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If those plastic fan blades can withstand the temperature, sure. If you use it, make sure to have the air velocity adjustment possible, either the motor control or the air path damper because a small roaster doesn't need much exhaust air speed and those bean coolers move quite a bit of air. Sucking out too much air can hamper the roasting temperature, especially for small roaster like Kaldi Wide 300.