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aabud wrote:Data Logging Update

Yup, bypassing the mystery board and going straight at the E5CC's worked fine. The temp was in 10ths of a degree, just like the display, which was mildly interesting as the mystery board was outputting it as a float... so aside from address and slaveid conversion, the mystery board was also doing some data format manipulation.

The Omron E5CC had some connection quirks... the default comm parms are 9600, 8,N,2 - two stop bits being the odd thing. And the labelling of the RS485 connection on the device seems backwards - it's labelled A and B on the E5CC. Every other RS485 device I've have is labeled A+, and B-. So you'd think A+ goes to A on the E5CC, but no... on the E5CC what is labeled B is actually the +. So I had to wire it "backwards" to get it to work. Couple examples on the net of people hooking up E5CC's made quick work on these two points.

So I'm pushing ahead with this approach of bypassing the "as shipped" data logger and just exposing the internal RS485 via USB as is.

One potential nice thing about this is it exposes the full functionality of those E5CCs. They have a PID in them, for example, though it just controls a relay, so not sure that's worth much.
I wonder how you connected this to read straight from the E5CC and bypass the stock board. Did you read it straight in Artisan? What were your settings in Artisan?
I asked because I would like to bypass the stock communication board, connect a USB cable, and read the temps in Artisan.