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Have read a few things about a Bake-a-Round roaster and have a few questions. Are you using one heating element? What is the smallest batch size that you can roast with this? How do you dump your roasted beans?

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What is that? I'm not familiar. Is it another name for the turbo oven - bread maker combo coffee roaster?
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Nope, it's a 1970s kitchen gadget. Look here: I have one and was starting to build a roaster out of it. Typically, one builds a plywood box inside which one puts a blower such as a vacuum cleaner motor, installed to blow through a hole in the top of the box. Above that hole, one installs a metal cylinder, inside which is a small heater, usually from a portable camp stove. Above the burner, there's a piece of stout screening. Above that, there's the bake-a-round, which is the roasting chamber and part of the chimney. Typically, there's another metal tube above the chimney and there may or may not be a chaff collector, depending on if it is made for outdoor or indoor use. Have a look at this video for an example It ain't gorgeous, but it works! Here's a H-B link that mentions the Bake-a-round Bake-A-Round fitting cocktail top Frankly, you could use any Pyrex tube, as you can see in this thread. It isn't essential to use glass, but it gives a good, clear view of the roast.