Australia Home Roaster Benchmarking 2022 - Any Interest?

Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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OK, so I'm kind of interested to know what different home roasters are like and trying different coffees on the Australian green coffee for home roasters market. So here's what I'm thinking. We get ten people together, each submits one home roast, we buy two bags of commercial roast, we send all of this coffee to one person (probably me), who divides it into lots of 25g samples. The samples each get labelled with a number and each of the 10 people participating gets a set of 12 x 25g samples. Then we run two zoom cupping sessions for them; two brackets of six.

We can work on the details. Maybe we have one commercial coffee as #1 to benchmark subsequent coffees to it. Maybe we use cupwise, maybe not. I'm thinking probably we need to share the coffee, supplier and roasting machine with everyone, but we could keep the roasters anonymous. Problem is with such a small set of people, probably everyone will be able to guess who roasted what if the details are provided. But I think we probably want to get a sense of the breadth of green coffee available on the Australian market, so that's not a bad way to go. I'm thinking probably we have everyone dump the coffee that they want to use into a google sheet, so that we don't get double ups. It would suck if all of the coffee was from one of ministry grounds/coffee snobs/the coffee bean co-op.

If everyone covers their own costs, I reckon it'd be between about $25-$30. Probably $10 postage each way, $5 in commercial coffee samples and an extra couple of bucks for sample bags (we could do it so everyone gets a set of 12 reusable valveless aluminium mylar bags), maybe a few bucks if we want to use cupwise to host it.

Feel free to message me if you're interested but you're shy and don't want to have your identity revealed with the cupping. Otherwise, post if you'd be interested in this.

This isn't supposed to be a great exercise in anything; it's kind of just supposed to be a bit of fun.
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Great idea Luca!
This would be a very good way to get feedback on your roasts.
A suggestion if I may, maybe increase the amount of home roasted coffee submitted so that others may join in the cupping; even if they do not roast themselves but are interested.
This would expand the feedback.
The 25g sample bags could be any of the ones that importers use, or do you prefer that Al Mylar bag that works so well for freezing coffee?

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Sounds like we've got about 4-5 people interested so far, so I'll leave this up and we can see what happens. No sense trying to do anything before MICE. If people don't roast but want to get samples, they should post up and we can see what people want to do.

Yes, I was thinking of getting the aluminium mylar bags; that way everyone can get some nice reusable bags for their troubles.
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