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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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I'm getting ready to churn out 15 sample roasts of this Private Collection Auction co-sponsored by Anacafe and Alliance for Coffee Excellence.

I'll try to document my experience here and perhaps make for a useful discussion about sample roasting and tasting.

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Chert (original poster)

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My first lesson - obvious it is - is to have a control and profile recording system that works. You know, Artisan, but with no malfunctioning bean probe, like I've intermittently had the last few weeks. I recently changed that thermocouple, but roasting yesterday for some friends and to try this sample roast, I discovered, I really had not fixed the problems. There is an intermittent short apparently in the socket I have for the BT probe.

In the Huky, 200 g is about the bare minimum to get some useful probe data. I really don't know if I interpret it correctly, but I think there is some utility. Otherwise, like at lower charges masses you would have to base heat settings on time or ET or MET alone.

The End of dry is close to usual 148 C of larger batches, but it probably falls a bit later actually. Since last years Daterra samples I set start of 1C at 197 C but some roasts have no pops to signal it and some crash to suggest that also is not exactly accurate.

This profile is the #14 sample from the upcoming CoE Mexico, I put it up on the cupping table beside a small batch (210g) Sumatra peaberry I did yesterday and Nicaragua Buena Vista (full 530g) batch. fragrance/aroma - acidity - body - flavore - aftertaste - sweetness. To understand the cup - along with the flaws or success of the roast - and from that the potential in the coffee is the point of sample roasting and tasting. Or just taste a coffee you otherwise don't have access to.

[EDIT 7/5/2022:] (I'm adding tasting notes to each profile in the posts below, might as well start with this one) This one would be buy!. Sweet, clean, fruity - apple-raspberry (?) pulled as espresso on the la Pavoni)
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I roasted some more yesterday and managed to complete 5 of the fifteen samples. My efforts to straighten out that probe short issues worked so far.

This isn't a four barrel so getting through a set of samples requires back to back roasting and multi-tasking. A 200 g charge cools quickly in my fan tray and I store the roasted beans in a labelled baggy A - O because I taste them blinded.

The basic protocol is 30 sec soak heat decrements starting around 30 sec before to dry end and a decrement for 20 seconds at BT 190C. Drop 10-11 C after start of 1st which I mark at 197C (a bit arbitrary since I usually don't hear cracks in this batch size.

I'll post to individual profiles as I taste through these in the next few weeks. But I have ten more roasts to complete.
[edit: As of July 7, I will hide the graphs as I report my blinded tasting impressions on the cupping table]

Sample A
Spoiler: show

Tonino level 130; Compared to D it was a2nd place. Cupped: honey nut - herbal - sweet when cooled.

Auction Rank 13 87.77

Sample B
Spoiler: show

Tonino 132
Cupped against M and N came in 2nd; cream in fragrance, cocoa; one week post roast as batch, sweet aroma classic toffee Huehuetenago

Auction rank 10 88.07

Sample C
Spoiler: show

Cupped agains G and K came in 2nd; cupped fragrance natural "catimor" fruity

Auction rank 6 88.61

Sample D
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Tonino 125
Cupped against A came in 1st; cherry watermelon faded in cooling; V60 one week post roast acidity watermelon cherry savory. batch brew 7/21 too tart hot but cools to a snappy brew.

Auction rank 2 90.11

Sample E
Spoiler: show

Tonino 126

not cupped. V60 one week post roast moderate acidity subdued stone fruit peach nice mouthfeel tannic - not flubbed -

Auction rank 12 87.95
Given the single operator and efficiency goals of the operation and wanting a repeatable profile, how would you use artisan to improve heat settings?
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I am going to implement alarms in Artisan for the first time. Here is Michael Herbert's walk through of how to do so: .

And now for some roasting.
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#6: Post by Chert (original poster) »

4 more batches down - and some Daterra Blossom for some friends - and I have some learning to do.

I could not get the alarms to work. The screen shot has the failed settings I kept futzing with, while doing these roasts and relying on background and last profiles to set the heat. Not the result I was after, but of course the cups will tell the tales.

The only alarm function that worked was at DROP, but I wanted it to click off 7 seconds after drop. My BT being over 208 I guess is why it did it right away. But I don't understand why no other alarm gave me the sign to adjust my gas like I had intended.

Sample F
Spoiler: show

Tonino 132

cupped flubbed tea simple 82 points

Sample G
Spoiler: show

Tonino 127

cupped much chaff on beans muted fragrance underdeveloped roaster error herbal; V60 one week post roast comfort flavors sweet/acid balanced

Auction 9 88.11

Sample H
Spoiler: show

Tonino 137

Sample I
Spoiler: show

Tonino 133

V60 one week post sweetness when hot and some off flavor - iodine - cooled into very unpleasant intense iodine off flavor YUCK
August 5 another V60 and the flavors have relaxed. I guess the iodine note is still there as a pleasant and mild bitterness. aroma is pleasant, initial taste is sweet as morphs to the bitter note. Much more appealing coffee one month out.
Auction 5 88.95
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#7: Post by Boldjava »

Man, you have those cupping roasts going. 6-6:30min to first. I will be honest. I don't judge such short roasts as well as my standard, "roast-em-like-you-drink-'em" roasts. Despite cupping countless times with Cafe Import, I still find longer roasts better for my judgement.

Have to give it to you, you are doing it by the book.
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Chert (original poster)

#8: Post by Chert (original poster) replying to Boldjava »

On the alarms setting, I went to the help key and gleaned some tips. It looks like the 'Slider Power' field with '35#Power to 35' should move the slider to the setting I intend. Then with the beep and pop-up I will know to twist my know to the respective gas setting 3.5 WC inches.
We'll see next roast session.
It's the batch size I think, but faster roasts are more efficient and work for me in the cup. Still I should try for a 4.25: 3.25: 1.5 intervals roast with the small batch, just to see if I can do it and how it profiles.
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#9: Post by aabud »

I think you're correct on the format of the description field being the alarm issue, but I also typically reference TP, not CHARGE, to make sure the alarms don't trip from BT being high before TP. I'm guessing the CHARGE + 30 you had achieved a similar result.


#10: Post by Trjelenc »

Are you using a solid drum or perforated? And where the heat settings are in inches of water, that's really supposed to mean kPa right? What do you do for fan setting?