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Trjelenc wrote:Are you using a solid drum or perforated? And where the heat settings are in inches of water, that's really supposed to mean kPa right? What do you do for fan setting?
It's the solid drum. I'm gonna have to get back to you in what my gauge reads units - I realize I'm not sure without looking again at the dial. I have a DC fan in a home-made exhaust setup. For large batches I set it at 5 on the 100 increments; and for smaller batches 4. These are lowest fan for good convection.

These roasts are turning out to be an exercise in how to learn the alarm settings. Somehow I don't understand the artisan documentation on how to make these work. And that has probably hurt consistency of batch to batch. I start doing some cupping today.

It's the alarm triggers that jumped my gas settings all around, but my actual adjustments were closer to my plan.

The last 6:
Sample J:
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Tonino 139

cupped aroma +3 break +1; flubbed jasmine tea complex V60 one week post toasted coconut sweet/acid balance body is then but pleasant mouthfeel

Auction 1 90.95

Sample k
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Tonino 140

cupped 1st agains G and C catimor filter 2.0 hoppy acidity ++ low nuance; V60 on 7/20 tart sweet berry sweet finish

Auction 8 88.32

Sample L
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Tonino 138

V60 one week post hot aroma chlorine pool hot flavors sweet hops structure moderate acidity some chlorine astringency cools to nice finish cherry raspberry watermelon some citrus acidity

Auction rank 15 87.32

Sample M
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Tonino 132

cupped 3rd against N and B vegetal acrid Decent Filter profile 2.0 tart acidity

Auction 3 89.16

Sample N
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Tonino 142

cupped 1st agains B and M chocolate fragrance flavor grape filter 2.0 acidity bueno herbaceous sandalwood clove very nice (spouse agreed)

Auction 11 88.05

Sample O:
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Tonino 143

Filter 2.0 aroma bready flavor cherry

Auction 4 89.07
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I start doing some cupping today.
Cup till you drop, bud. Honorable mention to Chert for tackling this. Large effort.

Number 5 is a Catisic variety. Had never heard of it and needed to look it up.

Timor Hybrid 832/1 x Caturra.

In that you are blind cupping, will be interesting to see if you pick up on a Timor tinge. Judges didn't note any, placing the coffee number 5.
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Elsewhere I was told that one is like Pink Bourbon, an ethiopian landrace related, but idk.
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I've been tasting these. And I'm adding my blinded impressions back to the roast curve entries documented above.

Like the roasting process, other obligations limit my focus, but I will go back through, study graphs, try to learn about the graphs versus the successes and failures. Some of my notes highlight relative lackluster cups, but there's only one batch, that if that same YUCK taste prevails, I will toss. Many have produce quite a tasty comparison experience.

Watching some auctions lately; these worthy coffees will likely also draw prices way over usual specialty greens for home roasters. But as my sample roasting improves, like many of these cups, I'll get taste satisfaction in smidges.
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