Artisan with 3 RTDs? Possible?

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So I'm setting up Artisan with my Huky that I just got, and I have 3 RTDs in place via Phidgets, ET, BT and MET. All are reading correctly in the Phidgets Control Panel.

In Artisan, ET and BT are both reading properly, but I can't seem to get MET to read properly. I set up an "Extra Device" and choose the TMP1200 RTD device but there's no where that suggests *which* RTD it is (which port on the Phidget hub). There is A and B, but honestly I'm not sure what those are.

I also can't tell whether or not Artisan actually supports more than two RTDs, I imagine it would but maybe that's the problem.

Any suggestions? I have an LCD configured and MET plugged into port 2 of the hub (0 and 1 are ET/BT). The LCD reads ET just like the ET LCD does.

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N6GQ (original poster)

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I''ve made a little progress.

Now I have ET/BT coming from the standard 1 TMP1200 + Extra Device TMP1200 and the symbolic mapping using Y3. That works fine.

I cannot seem to find a way to get the third TMP1200+RTD to display what would be MET.

I tried using the Phidget HUB IO 23 which I thought would work - my 3rd TMP1200 is in port 2 of the VINT hub. Alas, it did not :(

What am I missing?
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N6GQ (original poster)

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Ok, got it working.

I added a 2nd Extra Device (TMP1200) and put Y5 in the y1(x) box. That made it all work as I wanted.
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