Artisan software issue with Toper

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#1: Post by Rachael.Boost »

Hi guys,

I've just taken delivery of a new Toper 5kg roaster and my Artisan software will no longer work correctly on my Mac where it had been working perfectly on my previous, smaller roaster. The Toper uses a Phidget 1048 Temp sensor which I have selected in the dropdown menu option. When I hit start, the bar moves across the screen and it says its recording but there are no lines being plotted making following my saved profiles or creating them impossible!

Any help would be so massively appreciated.




#2: Post by PBJ »

Under config choose machine then select toper

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#3: Post by TomC »

Welcome to HB Rachael! Let us know if this works for you. Share your thoughts on the two if you can, we don't get a lot of Toper discussions here.


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#4: Post by MaKoMo »

You might want to give us a little more information on your setup. Which Artisan version are you running? Which Phidget driver version did you install? Does the Phidget Control Panel connect correctly to the 1048 build into that machine? What are the LCDs on Artisan showing after pressing ON? Any error messages? What about adding screenshots of your configuration?