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I'm trying to input an offset into Artisan, but its only letting me do whole numbers, has anyone had any luck with that? I tried multiplying the offset and factor by 10 to get a whole number, but that doesn't seem to work either.

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You hit a bug in the current Artisan. Internally, the decimals of slider offsets get lost. This will be fix in the next version which hopefully can be released next year.

Until then you can keep that slider offset at zero put and add any offset "manual" to the out command. Assume you want to have your slider to instruct a connected OUT1002 Phidget module to output a voltage of 1.5V for slider position 0 (the slider min default) and 3.75V for slider position 100 (the slider max default), you would put the VOUT Command
out(0,{} + 1.5)
and keep the offset to zero (as it is now explicitly added to the slider value in the out command) and set the slider offset to 0.022.

This is not totally precise as for a slider value of 100 a voltage of 3.7V (100 * 0.022 + 1.5 = 3.7) is produced, not the intended 3.75V. This is due to the current limitation of the slider factor to 3 decimals. Until this is fixed you can also keep also the slider factor to its default 1 and add the intended factor directly to the VOUT out command as

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Thank you, I will give this a try.

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I found a more precise way to do this, just buttons with specific voltages. it possible to do a +/- button for voltage that is not in a whole number? for instance, a +/- button that adjusts voltage by 0.01, or 0.1 up or down?