Artisan Events Dialog - a few simple settings

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First up is the first dialog box for Events.
In the two columns next to the default buttons you can enter commands and instructions.

For the ones marked 1, the Call Program command will call a program. In my case (although the first word is cut off for START) the command on a MAC is Say which results in the following words being spoken. Why is this useful. After hitting START, I want Artisan to take a few readings before dropping so that Auto DROP which I have checked works properly. For the one Say Dry End, its just a reminder for me to look as I let Artisan mark my Dry End at 305 on my roaster and then I adjust it if need be. Marking Dry End this way can be done in the Phases dialog box or through an Alarm and Event.

For item 2, these Multiple Events, correspond to my opening gas and air settings, so they are marked on the graph.

If you have other ideas on how to use this dialog box, post them in this thread.

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