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Hello everyone,
We're setting up Artisan on our Giesen W6A to try it out instead of Cropter. After setting everything up we did a few trials, but every time after only a minute or two, we get a communication error. After this point, we can still track data, but the roaster doesn't respond to our gas adjustments anymore and the event markers do not appear anymore. It's as if it loses connection to gas and airflow, but not to the probes. We are also unable to save the roast when this happens. Does anyone have any experience with this? I pasted the error message below.

500 12:37:45.560 Error: automaticsave() [Errno 24] Too many open files: 'C:/Users/jelle/OneDrive/Documents/Artisan\\4 El Sopapo 2020-11-18_1227.alog'@line 22605

499 12:37:44.391 S7 Communication Resumed

498 12:37:44.076 S7 Communication Error readInt: Communication error

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There is a known issue with the S7 communication in Artisan v2.4.0. Either downgrade Artisan to v2.1.2, await the release of Artisan v2.4.2 which will come with a fix for this and is due later this month, or download the current development build v2.4.3 which comes with the S7 fix from here:

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shokunincoffee (original poster)

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Thanks for the quick reply, Marko! Glad to hear it's a known issue that's being worked on. V2.1.2 doesn't seem to have the annotations that are required for our roasting style, and V2.4.3 gives an error "Failed to execute script artisan" upon startup and wont launch. We'll just wait for the official 2.4.3 release in that case.

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Bad timing. A dependent lib broke our development builds. Fixed. Thus the development build should now work for you. Pleases re-download. Sorry for the confusion.

shokunincoffee (original poster)

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Thanks again! We downloaded the new build and it launched. There are still a few issues with it that I'll share just to make sure you're aware (no criticism!). One is that the gas annotations don't appear during a roast, but they do once the roast is completed. The other is that we still get the same error message (see below) when pressing "reset" after the roast and try to save it.

500 08:38:15.293 Exception: filesave(): [Errno 24] Too many open files: 'C:/Users/jelle/OneDrive/Documents/Artisan/5 Ana Restrepo Castillo 2020-11-19_0824.alog'@line 26081

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If event annotations are painted during the roast depends on your Artisan setup. There are various settings that influence the rendering of events. I'd like to suggest to consult the documentation on events, the various blog posts on events like ( Events, Buttons and Palettes or Special Events Annotations and if needed ask the community for support on the Artisan mailing list.

The error on "Too many open files" is directly raised from your operating system. I'd like to suggest to file an issue on the Artisan tracker to allow us to trace this down by giving us all information on your setup like eg. the type and version of your operating system, your roasting machine, as well as your Artisan settings as artisan-settings.aset file.

Thanks for your support,

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Thanks for creating Issue #523 on the Artisan tracker!