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the roastery I work for owns a Giesen w6 and I've been using Artisan on my windows PC without any issue, works like a charm.
however they bought an iMac Mini and I can't get a good setting for the ROR curve, looks very choppy as shown in the picture attached, while on the PC it looks very good.

both of them run the latest artisan version.

PC sampling is 3s, iMac sampling is 4s because it can't handle a faster sampling.

PC smoothing settings are the following, and I get great results with them:
sampling 3s
smooth curves 0
Delta span 6s
Delta BT smoothing 22
no polyfit comp.

on the Mac I've tried:
smooth curves 5: curves are smooth, but too much time shift
Delta span 8s, 12s : no real improvement
Delta BT smoothing 32, 42: no real improvement, too much time shift

Also, while on the PC I can get the LCD to show me the BT decimal numbers (like 198.3 °), on the iMac I've found no way to do that and I only get, for example, 156.0 °, 189.0°, without any decimal, which is important to me.

please help me out, I've spent 6 hours on a Sunday trying to fix it but I didn't get any good results.


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Not an electronics guy, but I had choppy ROR when using my laptop plugged in to AC. Resolved when I switched outlets so laptop on difft circuit from roaster. Wondering whether the power components in the Mac vs PC might be behaving differently assuming both plugged in?

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ialty wrote:as shown in the picture attached,
I don't see any pictures. :?:

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USB isolator is typically used with sensitive instruments when hooked to a PC/Mac. Your PC may handle the ground slightly different than the Mac. I'd recommend running the USB through an isolator.

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I've got this reply from Marko from Artisan he rightly suggested to share:

"Your setup is wrong. There are several setups for Giesen roasters as Giesen decided to charge extra for having decimals (only for ET/BT) send over its computer interface.
Without decimals the RoR computation suffers from what is called Digital Noise.
This is known as "Cropster code" which needs to be purchased from Giesen and entered into the machine to unlock an extra interface which holds ET/BT with one decimal (yes, just one not 2 or 3 as you get from Probat for free).
Artisan comes with several machine setups for Giesen roasters as described on the Artisan home page. The WxA setups work without "Cropster code" but don't deliver any decimals while the WxA+ setups offer one decimal (only) for ET/BT. There are also setups supporting additional IR or ENV sensors for both variants."

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Ouch, sounds like a cash grab. I'd be looking to install my own probes.

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This might be an entirely different subject but when the roastery bought the Mac Mini, did they purchase a completely compatible Mac screen or are they using a PC screen that is non-compatible with a Mac Mini?
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