Artisan - can't get it to show BT with gas settings

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#1: Post by beanman »

I'm probably missing something simple, but I can't get Artisan to include BT with my gas settings along the bottom.

I've read the Artisan Quickstart Guide, and I think I'm setting it correct, but obviously I don't. Gas setting displays, but not the BT that I'm looking for.
My latest roast is at the bottom. I guess HB reduces the file size on upload, so its fuzzy.
Gas starts the roast at 0.6kpa, then 1.7kpa at TP, then down 0.1kpa for each blurry red oval, to 0.6kpa approaching 11:00.

Here's the string I have in Events - Annotations - Gas field

Here's my main Events Config page

And my Events Style page

Thanks for the help

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#2: Post by mkane »

Look under controls


#3: Post by ryan.c12121 »

I believe that's because special annotations only show on Step and Step + markers.

So if you go into Config - Events - Markers (dropdown menu) and change it from Combo to Step or Step +, you should see the BT measurements shown on your gas changes.

Here's a full blog post about special annotations: https://artisan-roasterscope.blogspot.c ... tions.html

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#4: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

What Ryan said and although it was in the QSG, I have cleaned it up a bit and added a reminder:
Step and Step+ have Annotation options allowing the user to customize the labels that appear on the stair steps. The user will be able to describe events in plain english with the strings. If your stair steps are too close together there is a setting in the dialog box, Allowed Annotation Overlap, which allows you to not render some the events. There is also a new setting under Config >> Axes called 100% Event Step which adjusts where the stair steps show up on your graph. Please read the Artisan Blog post for more details. Remember,the special event annotations are only displayed when the Events display selection on the Config tab is Step or Step+:
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Artisan Quick Start Guide

beanman (original poster)
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Well, duh.
I thought the Step and Step+ did something else.
So, Step set, and its good.
Also adjusted the Value to spread the stack a bit more.
As always, everyone here helps.