Artisan cannot roast manually with Kaleido M10. How to override the PID control?

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I just got a new Kaleido M10 roaster replacing my old Hottop K+. Generally, I like the new machine, looks solid, much more powerful. However, I ruined already 6 batches with it. Here is the problem.

As compared to the Hottop Artisan settings, with Kaleido I have extra buttons "Auto/Manual Power" (Serial command HPM A/M), and "Heating on/off" (Artisan command on/off). I understand that Heating on/off is used for preheating and the temperature achieves the SV value. What to do next to completely suppress any artisan decisions? To turn off any PID function?
- Should I first hit Heating "off"?
- Should I hit "Manual power"?

Whatever I do, Artisan keeps changing the power of the burner.

Any input would be appreciated. I just got my Kaleido M10, and I would like to start roasting normally. Thank you.

Some photos:

The Artisan interface with Kaleido looks like this:

My five ruined batches :)

I had this problem with ver 2.8.2 and now with 2.8.3 (beta)

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This question is better suited for the Discussion board on Artisan's GitHub. And don't assume it's an Artisan issue. Kaleido should provide complete instructions to you. They sold you the roaster. They need to make sure it works.
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Looks to me that the built in PID on the Kaleido is kicking off the burner at a preset maximum temperature. It will override anything since that is a safety feature. You will likely need to manually set that using the interface on the roaster. If that is the issue then it has nothing to do with Artisan. I do not know the M10 specifically but this is a common thing on a lot of roasters using a built in PID.

DaumierS (original poster)

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It is a shame to confess, but I overlooked something very basic. The default settings from Kaledio had the box "Playback Events" checked. So, Artisan tried to play back the events from the background profile. PID has nothing to do with it.

Once I unchecked the box, everything is normal.


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Thank you for this post. I'm a new owner of M10, and I'm having the exact same issue. I have wasted two batches of beans already because of the PID. No matter what I do, I can't disable PID. The only way I can turn on the heater is by using the "On Heating" button, which also activates the PID. For me, "Manual power" doesn't do anything. I have turned off any PID control that I can find. I'd appreciate anyone who can provide some feedback. Here are some pictures of my setup and my configuration:

Computer: MacOS 13.2.1
Artisan: 2.8.4
Artisan setup for M10: Config --> Machine --> Kaleido --> Legacy (This is the only way I can operate this roaster. With other settings, I can activate the heat or cooling fan.)

Here are several images of Artisan that show my setup.