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Kabouter wrote:About to order an Amprobe TMD-56, I found the Voltcraft PL-125, 2-channel USB datalogger thermometer. Considering it costs EUR70 as compared to 180 for the Amprobe, so I'm thinking, that's 110 euros of greens extra if it would work 8) I can't find much info on it, however, nor any alternative brandings.

Would this thing fully work with Artisan?? Thanks!
Most probably not. Looks like a USB HID device and Artisan only supports Modbus and pure serial communication (potentially via a serial2USB converter). Confusing, isn't it? Further all of the devices supported by Artisan talk a different protocol. That makes it even more unlikely that Artisan can talk to the PL-125.

Take a look at my blog post "Device Selection" linked by [anonymized] above. Hope this helps to clarify things.

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fishll wrote:Just wanted to give my thanks to this program. Its the perfect tool for my roasting setup
Thanks for your kind words. Artisan is for you and those like you!

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Such amazing timing on that article, just what I needed :) This sheds a great deal of light on a (for me) confusing subject. Thanks!
(went for Voltcraft K204 without logging, cheaper than Amprobe here and four inputs)

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[anonymized]! You are approaching a level some might consider Data Porn!! :mrgreen: with envy...
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