Artisan and HotTop 2k+. Wireless possible?

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Hello. My HT 2k+ is in the garage so I wonder if it anyone here has come up with a way to communicate wirelessly between roaster and Artisan. Yes, I understand the risk of not being right next to the roaster, connected by hardwire, but if I can make it work, I will also have a wireless video camera in the garage, aimed at the roaster. Some kind of USB-based wireless (BT or 802.11), dongle? Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions you might have.

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I would advise against it. At the end of the roast in a Hottop I have seen things go very quickly into the crapper. Say, if the drum gets jammed or the drum motor or eject mechanism fails, a fire is seconds away. Below is one reason the owner's manual is plastered with the warning:
"Never leave the roaster unattended when in operation"

Note: Not my roaster and not my fire

The thought of a wireless communication was discussed in the early stages of the B-2K+ but discarded for safety reasons. - 2000-2023 - a good run, its time is done

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Artisan offers that WebLCD mechanism. If the computer running Artisan is on the WiFi you can open that WebLCD page on every other device on the same network, like your phone. The WebLCDs do not display the roast graph nor can you put any input, but it displays BT, ET and time.

If you need the graph and control, run a VNC server on the PC running Artisan and use another PC or a tablet running a VNC client from remote.