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Hello, my name is Dal. Currently I am roasting using Artisan software 2.4. I use buttons to log events such as gas and damper. Upon turning Artisan on the various tiles ( Gas25, Gas40, Gas50, Gas60, Damper25, Damper 50, etc ) show up below the BT, ET, RoR etc profiles. These tiles are small to me and sometimes hard to read. ( I'm old ). I can change the color of the tiles, and I can change the color of the font, but I can not make the tiles larger so they are easier for me to read. Can anyone tell me how to make the tiles larger?


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See Marko's comments below which have been added to the QSG.
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I'm not sure, but does the number of tiles and the amount of text affect font size? I would suggest you put gas on the slider and eliminate gas tiles, keep damper on the tiles but change to "D 50" etc and see what that does.
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The custom event buttons themself come in three sizes (tiny, small and larger). This can be configured in the buttons tab of the Events dialog (menu Config >> Events, 2nd tab).

The text size used in the chart for annotations is platform and system dependent and also depends on your monitor resolution. Thus you can adjust to different dpi resolutions in the "Resolution" section of the UI tab in the Curves dialog (menu Config >> Curves, last tab). Higher numbers increase the font size used by annotations.

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Thank you for the help.