Are my beans scorching? (Hottop 2k+)

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Hello! I've been roasting my own beans for some time now and believe I am still experiencing scorching throughout my roast. This batch was roasted at 8oz and had a charge temp of 350 BT which seemed to be in line with everyone else's. Below is a picture of the roast and the graph. If anyone would be able to assist, I would greatly appreciate any advice I can get. Thank you all <3 <3

Roasted with a Hottop 2k+

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I am unsure if the pictures of the roast and graph uploaded so here are the files just in case :)

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I don't see any problems with the beans and there's nothing in your graph that looks crazy.

Also, scorching is usually visible when the coffee is yellow and becomes hidden once the coffee turns from tan to brown. You typically have to taste it to know it's there. "Facing" is one where a surface of the bean (usually the flat side) is obviously blackened by having long contact with a hot surface. Tipping is another visible one; you'll see a dark spot on one of the two points of the coffee bean and it'll give an ashy taste in the cup.

I don't see any of that here but if you're tasting something burnt/ashy in the cup, you could have something there.

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I'm wondering about the BT/ET plot. It looks like you dropped the beans at 366F, which means if the probe were actually registering bean temperature 1st crack wasn't reached, yet the photo clearly indicates it was.

BTW, the beans don't look scorched.

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What specifically are you tasting that makes you feel like they are scorched? Is this common with all your roasts and with different beans? I'm not very familiar with the Hotop's behavior but TP seems to come on a bit earlier than normal.

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It's been a while since I replaced the thermocouples on my 2k+ with custom, but I seem to remember the originals measured lower temperatures (20F?). I think that's normal for the 2k+.