Anyone have a current contact for Santoker?

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I have one of the early Santoker r500 roasters, bought used from a local hobbyist. I've been using it for about a year, great little machine so far. The USB data output has stopped working (95% sure it's an issue with the module and not with my computer, software or usb cables). I am not able to get ahold of the company by email or phone (and I seem to be permanently locked out of my WeChat account and unable to sign up for a new one....).

I tried disconnecting the thermocouples from the machine's interface and running them to my computer via a phidget/vint hub, but the machine has a safety mechanism whereby the gas valve is shut when the machine is not getting BT+ET readings.

Does anyone have a current contact for anyone at the company? Thank you!

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I have a Revolution 500 ... from the first batch Dustin imported (rip). looks like you tried the WeChat route.
I would suggest you contact Randy Harper at Buckeye Coffee Roasters either through 844.522.6333 or as they imported some of these roasters (I picked up a new gas gague from them) and may have some parts or can be helpful. Just realize it is "not" their "problem" as they are not a company representative but are very gracious. They will probably need pictures, etc to see if they have something that might help. Hope you are up and running soon.


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I think that the Santoker was similar to a number of other similar roasters sold under other names (before receiving my R500, also an early model imported by Dustin), I felt that the similarities between the Santoker and models sold under other brand names appeared to be made by the same company. If you have verified that the problem is on the main circuit board it may be possible to swap it for a board from a different model. You might even be able to find someone to troubleshoot/repair the board..
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Thanks guys!! I will reach out to Buckeye today.

Question for those with the early r500 roasters - Anyone have issues with drivers or with the newest version of Artisan? My troubles connecting to the USB started when I updated to the newest version of Artisan. Pretty sure it's a coincidence because I tried downgrading to the old version with no luck. I'm using the CP210x driver to recognize the USB connection - Is this the correct driver I should be using or did I mess up? When I started having problems I wiped the hard drive of my roasting laptop and reinstalled everything from scratch but I can't remember if this was the driver I was using before...


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I have a contact for Santoker, via WhatsApp. I just received a 3KG Roaster from them and they emailed me a driver and showed me how to set up Artisan for my roaster. Not sure if it would be the same for you, but we could try.