Anyone ever use a Dongyi roaster ?

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Looking to at getting a Chinese roaster Dongyi 3kg Gas model. it at the $4,000-$5,000 price point with a 1 year warranty. Has anyone had any experience with this roaster ? Good or bad.

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I don't remember ever seeing that machine mentioned, but if you supply a link to what you're thinking of buying, you might get some feedback.

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There have been some mention of Dongyi roaster on this forum.
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Forum search on "Dongyi" shows more.

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I think it's basically the same as Yoshan roaster. Probably same parts but different decal.


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I don't personally have experience, but my brother in law has one. He's on a different continent, so I haven't seen it, but I know it works fairly hard and he's only had positive words. I think a lot has to do with expectation: He mentioned that he picked it up for siginificantly cheaper than anything else he could find, so he bought it with the expectation that the finish might be a bit rough and he might have to tinker. So far he's only had to replace bearings to my knowledge. After my experience with a chinese packaging scale and trying to drill into the "cheap" stainless used for the casing, I've learnt that there's definitely some pretty sturdy equipment coming from the east.


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I own a 1KG and been using it for 3 years once a week to roast 750gr
Been great I changed the gas pressure gauge to suit the 7 in/water household supply we have in Canada for a more accurate reading.
I changed the placement and size of the temp probe for a faster response and to be in the been mass with smaller roast weight.
I ordered mine from the manufacturer in China.
let me know id=f you have any questions...


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Take a look at these. I believe Dongyi is made my Yoshan but I could be wrong. I've been looking at a Yoshan for a while. They appear rather well built for the money and with shipping to me in Alaska they come in at a third of the price of anything close to the capacity. ... ee-roaster


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I have a question. How did you change the placement of the BT probe? Pictures? Did you put in a plug and drill a hole?

Also, do you find any issue with using the trier negatively affecting the temp in the drum?



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sorry I haven't been on in a while and missed the question.
I tried to drill the stainless for the new probe location without luck, that stuff is hard and I don't have the right drill bits to successfully make it happen. so I used the sight glass screw hole and installed a screw in the empty hole left by the original probe. I had to bend the new probe so it does miss the agitation fins in the drum. It doesnt quite sit in the middle of the been mass but it seems to work OK for me.
as for the trier, I try to not pull it fully out of the machine. If I do it does lower the temperature in the roaster substantially.
Let me know if there is anything else you'd like to know.