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Thanks for the reply. Good idea on utilizing the existing holes.

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I have a roasting buddy that has a 2 kg Dongyi. He has a commercial roastery and has a couple larger nicer machines. Has had I should say, he's been making some changes. He's been really happy with it. It's not a Deidrich or Geisen by any means, but I think its close to a MC. Mill City does have good support in my experience, and I don't think you would have that on the Dongyi. I can call MC and order parts or ask advice and I like that. However, I just sold our MC 3KG used for 10,000 so you are paying a lot for that.

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I just took delivery of a BY-1kg and the igniter button wont light up nor does the gas gauge increase in pressure. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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Is there an emergency stop button engaged?
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A little more information is needed here about the Dongyi electrical issue. Chinese roasters usually come with a step up voltage converter 110v - 220v. I would start out making sure the machine is getting power, if that's the case is the gas solenoid getting power? Another item to check is if any fuses or circuit breakers need to be reset. A small HF voltage meter is not difficult to use, Youtube is the ultimate source of DIY information on just about everything.

Enjoy your new machine!

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The 1Kg model looks a lot like my Chinese 2013 North 1 Kg roaster down to many of the parts and materials used.

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