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COFF3Edrinkinrabbit wrote: ...Just came across this post, and I'd like to report that I also came to similar conclusions from my roast experiments. Some "greener" flavor notes just won't go away unless the end temperature exceeds a certain threshold :? . Fine for some particular coffees, disastrous for others.

Also, in the video he stated that the coffee had been "fermented for 80hrs", and from what I know (and what others said in previous replies), these kinds of coffee probably suits the competition and its scoring sheets better (cup-to-profile scorings)...

This made me think of that Rob Hoos interview that Minus1psi posted here a couple of days ago (Rob Hoos Interview on Coffee Roasting With Roast Rebels). In it Rob quoted Joe Morroco on roasting natural vs washed coffees, "Pretend that they are already somewhat roasted."
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