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I roasted last weekend 100 g sample of the Colombian anaerobic tabi from Bodhi leaf that inspired the OP, mpdeem, (I hope all is well with them).

It was early in my use of the Huky 100 g charges and I roasted it too light. I will let it rest another few days before grinding and cupping. The smell of the roasted beans is just foul. I raise my eyebrows and shake my head and sigh a little to read about coffee with a bin juice character. I had never considered such words to describe coffee before, but for this erroneous sample roast, they are good choices.

One of the One of A Kind Guatemala samples I roasted was really unpleasant, but with 4 weeks rest the flavor profile has improved very much. There is a refrain among light roast afficionados: "let it rest" that can serve some coffees quite well.

So I will let tabi rest.
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I had tried once roasting 100gr on the Huky but got a lot of variability on my BT I figured due to poor probe coverage.

Have you had that issue?