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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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mathof wrote:
I've roasted these bans to Full City and used them to good effect in a flat white; but I've also enjoyed them greatly as espresso roasted very light (by Square Mile in London). I wonder what the rationale is for recommending roasting them relatively dark.

My guess? Because they can take on that level of roast without loosing every shred of terrroir detail. It's a coffee that offers flexibility without sacrificing quality. I'm sure you all know I love the coffees from this farm, but I do for very specific reasons. Where else are you going to find a Central this clean, sweet, bright and yet also well bodied? Heck, you can roast that anyway you want and it'll still turn out tasty. I'd actually challenge someone to provide an objectively "bad" roast of it. How hard would you have to work at being a bad steward of this coffee to put it in a negative light?

Good coffee is good coffee regardless of roast level.

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Exactly what Tom wrote.

I've roasted this light (for me) and up to mid to 2/3 past 1C on the way to 2C. All are stellar but the darker ones have that body, deeper molasses sweetness and more developed fruit. Those roasts are over the top great.

For those highly sorted AA and AA+ Yemen coffees I observe similar preferences.