Aida Batlle Selection: Kenya Process

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Just finished several different roasts of the Kenya Process over the last few days. I ended up roasting this a little lighter than usual.

My first few roasts were lovely but I felt missing a little extra green apple note unique to the Kenya Process. Decided to aim for a slightly earlier First Crack and overall shorter roast. Rewarded with lovely green apple notes combined with that wonderful pronounced yet balanced acidity (a hint of raspberry lemonade) - on top of stone fruits and almond meal. I love the balance of acidity 'sparkling' is a very apt descriptor for the acidity shimmers but always remains balanced. The almond meal (not marzipan) note adds a lovely rich quality.

The Kenya Process has much more pronounced acidity and fruits yet is perhaps the closest to the Washed version in terms of overall flavors and feel. I will cup the two side by side next session as I am going off memory.

Glad I stocked up on this....only wish I had some of the prior year's version against which to compare. I think but am not sure, that this year has more raspberry lemonade type notes while last year's I seem recall more stone fruits...but I don't trust my memory. An utter delight to drink - and as with Aida's other coffees, hard to slow down and take notes because it is so good.


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Don't have any of the Kenya process left. Have maybe a pound of the Burundi Process and several pounds of the Kilimanjaro Ethiopia. Would be glad to forward you a pound of either. You still live in Williams? I still have your address somewhere from years ago when we used to swap coffees.

I don't need any coffee as a replacement as my stash is full. I'm thankful that you would report on it once you roast and allow 10 or more days rest before giving us feedback,

Thanks Mary you are the best, Just PM me on what you need.

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I will gladly take you up on your lovely offer. Please let me at least pay you something for the coffee and shipping. I am still in Williams - will send you a PM with my address. I will also be sure to share my impressions between the two crops. Thank you again for the offer. To be able to cup side by side is so much better than trying to rely on an old memory of a coffee consumed almost a year ago. Never mind that side by side comparisons allows for discernment of the finer naunces.

I am so delighted to see you here on the forums. You were so helpful during my early roasting years - back on the old home roasting forum. I would love to hear what you are roasting...and on what platform.

Speaking of roasting, I would love to hear your impressions of Aida's coffees...even from previous years. I just roasted and brewed the current Iced Cascara Process which is thick rich and syrupy...almost like a cassis-pomegranate syrup with a dash of raspberry. It seems even thicker and richer than last year's Iced Cascara...if that is possible since last year's was quite rich and fruit foward.

I am still roasting on my modified popper...although I have had to replace my original WB Poppery I several times over the years. I am half thinking of converting an air roaster next as sometimes I'd like the capability to roast larger batches.S omewhere on the forum here a member did one (think he was from Germany).

Thanks again for the offer...great to see you here.