$30 Fluid Bed Roaster from a Dash Fresh Pop

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The Dash Fresh Pop hot air popcorn maker ($19.99) makes a very good fluid bed roaster. Air comes from the bottom and blows up as opposed to the Nostalgia that blows in from the outer bottom edge for a circular flow. Unmodified the unit will only get to a City roast. Add a Westek 6077B 200-Watt Manual Dimmer (Amazon, $6.35) to the 100 ohm heating element/bridge/fan circuit. When you want more heat, turn down the fan. Don't worry about the heating element. It's job is to drop the voltage to the bridge/fan and doesn't add much to the heat side. Attach the dimmer to the bottom front of the unit because that is where you have some room. When you switch on, the 10 ohm heating element turns on in parallel with the new dimmer controlled fan/100 ohm heating element. Make sure the dimmer switch is turned to maximum fan power when you switch on. No fan and the big element burns out pretty quick. Get a dozen #6, 1/2" screws to replace the annoying 3 point screws. To make the wiring adjustments, trace the red wire from the middle switch tab to the heating unit. A metal tab on the heating unit ties the two parallel circuits together (100 ohm element/bridge/fan and the 10 ohm element). Cut the tab. Cut the red wire at the rivet and wire nut it to one side of the dimmer. Call that the hot side. Screw a mini screw (maybe an M3 or so, you'll have to experiment) right into the small element rivet hole (where the red wire was) and use that as a post to connect 20 gauge solid wire to the other side of the dimmer. That's it for the fan side. Add a screw post and 20 gauge wire to the other side of the tab (the large element) and add that to the dimmer hot side wire nut. You can jumper across the two fuses if you want. That's it for electrical mods. You'll need to add about 12" of chimney to the chamber. The Fresh Pop chamber is a very convenient 2 7/8" diameter, perfect size for a tomato can. Voila, works great. Good for about 65 grams of green beans.
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