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Getting to this thread a little late. The Rancilio experiment was quite enlightening for me. I hadn't realized just how much head space played a role until we played around with the baskets. I would definitely recommend the deeper baskets if I had this machine. Also we did try several shots on both the LM and the Rancilio. Not a scientific observation but from a personal perspective you either got a nice full bodied chocolate espresso or a fruity but thinner espresso from the Rancilio. It was difficult to hit a middle ground with clean notes of both in the same cup. I didn't have the same issue with the LM.




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heavyduty wrote:Just take your Rancilio stock basket and throw it in the @!#*% trash.
It's worth emphasizing the word stock.

After several weeks using the stock Rancilio double basket, I discovered I had a spare - the new Rancilio double with coding 40.100.102 imprinted.
It looks so much more precisely made.

Wow, it's a huge difference to taste with both the standard and bottomless PF.

Weird thing is - it seems smaller in capacity than the standard one, but my dosing on it seems to produce more headroom (which the Silvia likes), perfect spongy pucks and definitely more consistency.

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Thought I might add that some people try to use the OPV for pressure profiling but this can easily be done by opening up the steam wand during an espresso pull.
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