Zassenhaus Hand MIll Disassembly

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I have a hand mill that is not grinding correctly. I am trying to disassemble it to see if there is a problem with burr assembly because it has suddenly begun making a horrible metal-on-metal squealing noise and the resistance is uneven through a rotation of the handle. Almost like the axle is bent, but I can't imagine how that would have happened.

I've removed all the visible screws but can't pull apart the plastic housing to explode the whole thing. It looks like I should be able to unscrew the handle, too, but it goes nowhere. Any help?

Team HB

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I don't know the answer, but both of the 2 customers I have sent to ... 2e94d89b97

have let me know that Zassenhaus was able to help them find exactly what they've needed for an acceptable price.