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Hi everyone: first time poster, long time reader/lurker. I've undertaken a project to restore and rebuild a vintage Zacconi Riviera eagle. I've already deacaled it and restored most of the exterior to its former glory and I am pulling some top notch ristretto in my work office. I'm very happy with the progress of the machine, but while disassembling and cleaning I can see some of the gaskets are starting to deteriorate. So I have a few questions...

Does anyone know where I can get a complete set of gaskets are seals I'd like to just take the whole thing apart clean it inside and out and I think it makes sense if I'm going to do that to replace all of them. I've found them online, but I'm not sure on this machine how to tell how old it is. It is a 47mm portafilter so it's an older machine but is there a way to be more specific before I order parts?

Thank you so much for all of your help

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I have a Riviera Espresso (Zacconi Baby) manual lever and a Sama (Ponte Vecchio) Export. The manual Zacconi uses 49mm while the Sama, which is comparable to the Zacconi spring-driven levers, is a 45mm. Have you tried to remove the piston yet?

My understanding is that the spring-driven ones generally have the 3-seal pistons and are compatible with the Elektra piston seals, even though the Elektra uses 49mm baskets. I am not sure if there are gaskets from other machines that are compatible, but I have recently seen a selection on eBay that are available for spring-driven Zacconis.

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I have not was hoping to use it until the parts arrived

My portafilter is 47m

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Oh and it is spring driven