Will Nuova Simonelli valve piston fit my Carimali UNO?

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Any chance someone knows the dimensions (or compatibility with Carimali UNO) of this little valve made for Nuova Simonelli? I desperately need two of those to complete the restoration of the Carimali UNO I've been working on. Unfortunately, those I purchased from a Carimali parts supplier here in California are larger and of a different design, and I'm struggling to obtain the technical information about the Nuova Simonelli valve from other online resellers, to see if it would be the right fit.

The valve from my Carimali UNO with dimensions:

it looks exactly like this https://www.voltagerestaurantsupply.com ... n-98008004 and is sold under the name Nuova Simonelli Steam Tap Pad Seal Holder Valve Piston Complete w/ O-Ring 98008004.

Thank you, B

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100% compatible.