What is the use of 'right side group neck cap' in La Marzocco group heads?

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#1: Post by Yamin »

Hello there everyone,
I was wondering if you could let me know the use of the 'right side group neck cap' (shown in the photo #8). Its a piece of angled metal piece, and I can't think what the purpose of it could be.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Hi Yamin,

The right side group neck cap is just that - a cap. This is used with Piero group caps to seal the right side of the group neck. With the old school group caps, the water would leave the group neck through the threaded fitting on the left side, travel through the brew solenoid hanging below the group neck and then back into the group neck through the hole on the right side to get up to the group through the TL29 internal group tube. This right hole is not threaded. The internal group tube is fished into place and first threaded into the bottom of the group before the lock nut seals it into the right side of the group neck.

Here's what all that looks like on the older EE machines:

With the Piero caps, neither of these holes are needed in the group neck. The left side is simply capped on the threaded fitting, but the right side has no threads, so you have to push a plug through from the inside to capture with the lock nut. That is why the plate looks so funny. It has a bent "tube" on the inside so that the technician can fish it into place and hold it steady while the lock nut is installed.

Hope this helps.


- Jake


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Hi Jake,
Thanks so much for clearing it, makes so much sense now hehehehe!