Weird noise from EK43s - Should I worry?

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#1: Post by deklol »

Just got my new EK43s. I have aligned it according to the sandpaper method + one shim on the burr carrier. I managed to get it very, very aligned that's great.

However, I noticed that when the motor slows down to almost still I there is a high noise of metal touching eachother (no, not the automatic motor stop noise).
So I disassembled it again, pulled out the burr carrier, the busher and the spring. As I tired to turn the shaft I noticed the noise is still there. It also seems that when the noise appears, the shaft becomes harder to turn.

It is well lubricated and I even added more lubrication (Kluber paste).

Any ideas? It really sounds like something is stuck in the bearings but I don't know... Should I worry? It's really a haunting sound coming from a brand new ek43....

Ah yes, the noise wasn't there when I tried it straight out of the box.


#2: Post by Tzuyu »

Video of sound would be nice.

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#3: Post by nahau »

If the grinder is new, the first thing I would do is contact the seller. Owners shouldn't have to deal with anomalies right of the bat from new machines. While it's sometimes a hassle, I wouldn't hesitate at least calling and talking to them.

deklol (original poster)

#4: Post by deklol (original poster) »

Here is the noise:


#5: Post by Wanderratte »

centrifugal switch
it is as it have to be.

deklol (original poster)

#6: Post by deklol (original poster) » replying to Wanderratte »

Thanks for your reply but please listen again, it's not that noise I mean. I mean the high pitch noise just when it stops. That's not normal.

Brew who

#7: Post by Brew who »

Hey, it is mostly likely the centrifugal switch at the back on the motor.

Have a look through this ek teardown by a tech in tasmania and the info in the caption ... hlqlectc2y

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#8: Post by MinistryofEspresso »

I think I can hear what your talking about. There is a definite click when the centrifugal switch closes, but there is another scraping noise in there.
I'd remove the burr carrier, bushing, and spring to see if the noise continues. Possibly the front bearing, potentially the c. switch.


#9: Post by nicholasnumbers »

Was this noise there before you sanded the inner chamber?

That's definitely metal on metal.



#10: Post by unq »

I have the exact same creaking sound on a brand new ek43s. No modifications on this unit. It seems that the sound is coming from the back bearing. It is possible this bearing to have some kind of malfunction ?