Weighting hoses in the water tank? Need something food-safe

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Bought an older Expobar Leva single boiler hx machine to use at work. Was having a lot of trouble, long story short tracked it down to this water softener filter thing on the end of the intake hose that's in the water tank. That was restricting the flow of water into the portafilter. Cut that off, problem solved. New issue, though, is that the rubber hose tends to float, so once my tank is about 1/3 full it mostly stops pulling water. My Quick Mill machine at home has this sort of plastic "top hat" looking thing on the end of the hose that seems to only serve the purpose of giving the hose some mass, so it stays submerged at the bottom of the tank. I know, the easy solution is always keep the tank full, but you know. LOL My problem is I can't figure out what the heck these end pieces are called to be able to look for them, so I don't know where to begin searching for a food-safe "weight" that I can attach to my hose to keep it submerged fully. Parts diagrams google search no help. Hopefully someone here knows what the heck I'm talking about! LOL

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I use this on the end of the intake hose in my Silvia: https://www.espressocare.com/products/i ... icone-hose

Also, perhaps you could cut up the old resin filter?
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I have the same little filter/weight on my QM intake hose. If you call Chris Coffee they probably have them - they have a lot of parts!

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The easiest solution is to insert a stiff piece of stainless steel wire into the pickup hose, and then bend the hose/wire to the desired shape. It will stay put. We use this technique for wine siphons, which also need to stay at the bottom of the pail/carboy.

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So, I guess a lead fishing weight would not serve your purposes! :shock:
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in fuel tanks they are called a "clunk". i love words that sound exactly like what they are.

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Ah, great idea, I'll try that, thanks!

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slybarman wrote:in fuel tanks they are called a "clunk". i love words that sound exactly like what they are.
I love the fact that the word "onomatopoeia" sounds so ridiculous, despite onomatopoeia's being so sensible.
And I never knew that was called a 'clunk', so thank you!


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