Water reservoir LED for ViaVenezia - how would you do it?

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I've been fantasizing this modification using a blue or purple LED to light up the water reservoir. It would help me see how much water remains in the tank, and it would flat-out look cool. The Ascaso Dream PID has it, and it looks great and is functional.

It would require only a single lamp. I have three possible paths:
1. 120v lamp, in the mains. Switch on the unit, the LED goes on. Switch off the unit, the LED goes off.
2. Low voltage LED connected to a LV power converter/controller. Again, on/off via mains power.
3. Solar power. A collector on the side of the unit, to collect light all day (and evening when room lights are on). Have it always on, or have it go on when room light drops below X lumens (as walkway solar lights might do).

Obviously the least safety concerns accrue with the solar arrangement. However, it would be the least attractive and the most prone to not being lit when needed. So with all that in mind, what do y'all think? How would you go about this?

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Well, if you don't want to reinvent the wheel, you can swipe a page from the Quick Mill Vetrano 2B.

https://support.wholelattelove.com/hc/e ... iagram.pdf

See page ⅑ part 19 qty-2 PC0995LEDN must be the LED strip(s).
See page 7/9 part15 qty-1 ALILEDN must be the power supply module for the LED strips. Part 11 qty-2 IN0248 must be the power switch. I don't know why there would be 2, unless the 2nd switch is for another function. I wouldn't design it with a second switch unless it's to change colour.
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I too would go with an LED strip, a tiny transformer and a bridge rectifier.

coyote-1 (original poster)

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A fourth possibility has emerged: USB. A blue LED that plugs into a USB port. Tie it via short cable into a USB plug mounted in the shell.... I'll have to do some research