Water not Flowing on Profitec Pro 600

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#1: Post by Wigglesworth2.0 »

So when I cleaned my machine I apparently left the brew lever up and then went to bed (machine was off). The auto timer turned on the machine in the morning and when I came out steam was coming out of the group head near the bolt. Now, when I activate the brew lever, no water comes out. The pressure is showing it's at 1.5 bars (see photo)

How can I fix this? I hope I didn't mess the machine up. I turned off the machine as I saw the pressure was continuing to rise.

Now that the machine is off the pressure is slowly dropping (or at least has somewhat so far it's now down to 1), but I'm not sure why there is pressure to begin with or why the water didn't just flow when it turned on with the lever up. Any advice is appreciated.

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I had a similar issue. Seems to have been solved long term in my case. Hope this helps.

Profitec Pro 600 - No Pressure/Water from Group

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Wigglesworth2.0 (original poster)

#3: Post by Wigglesworth2.0 (original poster) »

This appears to be a different issue. My pressure is "stuck" and not releasing. Well it is, but slowly. No water comes out of the group head when the lever is activated despite plenty in the tank.

I do not have a flow control knob on this version.

Wigglesworth2.0 (original poster)

#4: Post by Wigglesworth2.0 (original poster) »

I let the pressure drop and then turned the machine back on. Still not getting any water from the group head. The pump activates as I can hear it, then nothing.

The pressure started to go up again so I turned the machine back off. Could something be clogged? I don't see how as I pulled a shot yesterday before turning off. It's just odd.

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#5: Post by PIXIllate »

Sorry, I wish I had something else to suggest. Hopefully someone more experienced with E61 maintenance will chime in.

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BaristaBoy E61

#6: Post by BaristaBoy E61 »

When you see the pressure quickly rising above a safe level you can flush water out of the hot water spigot into a container the reduce pressure and stabilize the machine. Same for the steam spigot except that there will be more immediate results with the hot water spigot.

Have you tried back flushing with a bind basket in the portafilter?
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#7: Post by PIXIllate »

Any progress on this? Hope you figured it out.

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#8: Post by nahau »

Perhaps the water fill solenoid is stuck open (no water to the brew path) and all water is being sent to the boiler creating the high pressure. Or maybe the water tank filter is plugged?

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#9: Post by Graymatters »

This is a dual boiler and that 1.5 bar that you're showing is for the steam boiler, right? What's the pump pressure gauge showing when you lift the lever? Silly question - did the reservoir and brew boiler get filled back up?