Water dripping through the edges of stock shower screen (Rancilio Silvia)

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#1: Post by plyske »

Hey guys!

So I have a Rancilio Silvia V6. Recently, I've observed that my cups make quite a mess from the machine (https://imgur.com/gallery/kydWd1W - see the last picture).

I tried to change different variables, but nothing really helped. I have a DF64 grinder as well.

Then another user on here, in another thread, asked me to see how the water looked like straight from the shower screen, and as you can see it looks quite odd, right?

So my question is: what causes this?

I have taken some pictures and videos of the shower screen and group head as well:

https://imgur.com/gallery/x26KptF and https://imgur.com/gallery/unvJvzE

I really hope that someone can help me out!

Team HB

#2: Post by JRising »

For a lack of any other responses, here goes...

It shouldn't be squishy like that when you squeeze it. Perhaps it was over-tightened and the stainless backing surface was crushed back a little less convex than it should be. When I squeeze a new one, there's no movement at all. Mesh and stainless backing are in contact across the entire surface.

So, I guess, if the whole thing is less convex, then the edges aren't as far back as they should be and too much water is getting past them.